Light RainCurrently: Light Rain, 51 F at Rocky Mount, Rocky Mount-Wilson Regional Airport, NC
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Rain clouds pull back overnight to bring sunny, warm Mother's Day weekend

Regional RadarA blanket of rain clouds sitting above much of central North Carolina on Friday morning will provide fuel for steady rain through the morning, but they will start to break up in the afternoon.

Man sustains life-threatening injuries in Fayetteville shooting

Man sustains life-threatening injuries in Fayetteville shootingA man with life-threatening injuries was taken to the hospital early Friday morning after he was shot in a Fayetteville parking lot.

Buyer beware: In hot housing market, scam targets real estate closings

Triangle boasts home sellers' marketBuying or selling a home can be chaotic, and it's the chaos scammers are relying on as they try to take advantage during the closing process. If the scammers succeed, home buyers and sellers could end up losing thousands of dollars. Real estate attorneys across the state began reporting a scam last year.

Regulatory probe leads to shake-up at Central Prison

Central Prison SignAn outside regulatory agency is investigating Central Prison, and the probe appears to center on the prison hospital.

McCrory to respond to feds on HB2 after lawmakers refuse to act

House Bill 2 (HB2)North Carolina officials are still trying to determine the stakes in a possible showdown with the federal government over a state law that the U.S. Department of Justice says violates the civil rights of transgender state workers and students.

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